Friday, May 11, 2007


I never made the job appointment, I spent the bank holiday visiting my family in Daventry and basically overdid it.
I've spent Tuesday to yesterday evening recovering (ie in bed and on the couch) and can't even call to reschedule until monday - assuming she'll let me since I didn't call to let her know I wasn't going in (bit hard to do when you can't get to a phone or form a proper sentance)
Meh, we'll see, hopefully it'll be ok once I explain what happened, in the meantime I need to get back on schedule and PACE!

I am starting up my driving lessons again next week though. I'm hoping dad is going to give me some birthday money when I see him on saturday so I can add to my savings and make a block booking,
Apparantly this guy Kay used gives you a taster lesson for free to assess you and then takes a stab at how many you need, she passed first time with him so fingers crossed I can too - she's a mental driver so I can't see why I wouldn't..