Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gearing up

The end is in sight - finally!

I've been getting things ready and working on the preliminary parts of my project, it doesn't officially start until the 21st but I figure going off last year; the further ahead I can get myself the better, because come April all hell will break loose as exam stress and deadlines force the usual breakdown and relapse.

On the plus side I'm organised and know what is expected of me, I have most of the course materials from last year so will be able to keep abreast of things even in the event of a relapse - and now I've managed to get wamp set up on my laptop I no longer need an internet connection to code and test my stuff so I can literally work anywhere now.

Even being up at 6am with the child before a quick nip into M&S for some late christmas gifts hasn't phased me this morning. I've done an hours coding and am about to take my 2hr break to sit and watch a film over lunch, then of course it's back to it but with pacing set at 10 minutes of work then 20 minutes of rest - should make for a productive day!

..I hope.