Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Just had a fabulous boost to my self esteem in the form of an email forwarded to me by the team leader of the inclusive culture project:

Dear Team,

I have met with Vicky Stringer for a longer talk on my bit for inclusivity. Wow - what a 'can do' attitude! She is full of ideas and was often one step ahead. (Not difficult in my case I KNOW!)

Then, last Wednesday she came to the Health and Human Sciences conference, was very supportive of inclusivity there, made contacts all over the place and was a superb ambassador for the whole thing. Has sent me help with taking part in twitter. For a student who is not always very well, she is investing a tremendous amount in all this. It's an absolute priviledge to work with some one so tuned in and full of excellent ideas about how to push things forward. So dear colleagues, I'd like to say that who ever thought of her for the student choice on this project has made an inspired choice. As if you did not already know....

Yup, I still 'got it' *grin* not bad for someone who can't even get out of bed for half the month eh?! I am SO getting me a job. ..Somewhere.