Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Chocolate and mashed potato

Yup, that's pretty much all I can eat at the moment. I'm even having trouble with soup depending on the consistancy.
Dental treatment is all well and good but it's pretty shit if it interferes with my feeding habits like this.
I'm in pain. Mouth pain - I have it on good authority that even giving birth pales into significance compared to this kind of pain. Makes me think getting pregnant might not be so bad after all - everyone else around seems to be doing it, either that or buying a house.

Anyway, I'm better.
Well, not quite cured, but the sleepy fits are now only happening around the menstrual period, who needs Dr's eh?! I've basically self treated throughout this entire crappy experience.
In my honest opinion, diet has the most impact swiftly followed by sleeping pattern. I'm at the stage where I can have a life as long as I keep my expectations low - and avoid too much excersize.
I find that taking 3 Omega 3 oil capsules a day and 1 vitamin B and 1 magnesium tablet help a lot. I also tend to start the day with a banana smoothie (containing milk, strawberry actimel and 1 banana) and a bowl of cereal or half a melon.
I'm fortunate in that my beloved cooks the Italian way, very simple but using the freshest of produce, I also eat a lot more fish than I've ever done in my life.
You'd be surprised but eating healthily every day can really make a vast difference - as does the supplements, If I forget to take 'em it's quite noticable.

I figure that if I can finally sort out my sleeping habits then the rest of the cfs crap will disappear. My concentration will get back to normal, the aches and pains will completely vanish. That's all I have left to worry about to be honest.
I'm quite impressed that in just over a year I've managed to lose over half the symptoms of this crappy illness - with very little medical help.
The painkillers and dothiepin did jack shit for me, I'd recommend anyone else with this to avoid popping pills - get back to basics, think positive and sort out a healthy diet, It's a lot cheaper in the long run and infinitely more satisfying - instead of waiting 3 months for any kind of result you usually start feeling better after only 2 weeks with the right kind of lifestyle.
As soon as I can figure out a way to get rid of the rest I'll get back to ya.