Thursday, March 24, 2005

Prescriptions and symptoms

Ok, I finally got around to writing a summation of my symptoms - this is the list up to today - who knows what next week will bring though lol

Main symptoms
  • Overwhelming and persistant fatigue
  • Feeling generally unwell, mainly sore throat and cold symptoms
  • Poor temperature control, skipping between too hot and too cold
  • Blurred vision, occasional loss of sight for several seconds at a time
  • Difficulties with balance, vertigo and dizziness
  • Headaches/ migraines
  • Numbness/ tingling/ pins and needles in my hands
  • Constant 'achyness' ranging from a dull 'background' all over aches to a sharp insistant localised pain
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Hearing problems
  • Concentration difficulties/ memory problems/ communication problems/ head 'fog'
  • More sensitivity to things like noise, though moreso with light and odours
  • Walking can be painful, sometimes impossible
  • stomach problems - acid/ wind etc
  • Bouts of uncontrollable crying
Occasional/ more recent symptoms
  • Constant thirst
  • shakiness
  • muscle 'jumping'
  • nausea
  • apetite comes and goes
  • alternate craving for sweet and salty foodstuffs
  • asthma playing up
  • strength comes and goes (sometimes cant even lift the kettle)
  • keep dropping things
  • constant trips to the toilet
  • slight agoraphobia
  • Eczma like rash/ itchiness/ very sensitive skin
Took this list to the Dr, he then went through all my blood test results with me and explained that all physical problems that would normally cause all this had been ruled out (lets face it, I did have pretty much every blood test under the sun) so while he can proscribe things to help with the asthma as well as muscle relaxants and painkillers, I need to stop worrying that I've developed something else (boy did I feel like a hypochondriac when he said that)
At least he didn't laugh at me. My Dr is ACE!

He also had a bit of a go at me for not going to see him sooner about my financial difficulties as he would have written me a letter to the dss etc etc. In future I'm to go to him immediately if I find myself in the same situation - the thought just never occured to me, you see a Dr for physical ailments not financial problems!
Anyway, I've been ordered to go to the Dss and make them "either give me some money or at the very least a letter that says I have no need to pay for my prescriptions as it is essential I have this medication."
I felt all loved when I came out lol

ok, prescriptions:
  • Novolizer Budesonide inhalation cartridge + device 200 micrograms/ dose, 100 doses
  • Salbutamol cfc-freeinhaler 100 micrograms/ puff
  • Diclofenac sodium E/C tablets 50mg, 1 three times a day
  • Dothiepin Hydrochloride 25mg, 1 at night.
All this comes to the grand total of £25.60, being ill is not cheap m'loves.
I just love the fact that I need the painkillers but as they exacerbate my asthma I'm also having to get all this extra puffage - the new inhaler looks funky though - he demonstrated one for me, all bells and whistles - it has a dose counter, it also makes a noise and has a colour band that flicks from green to red to show you've taken the dose properly, big brother comes to asthmaville LOL I daren't not use it as stated, he'll know.

Sean had to come with me to the Dr's though - I could barely walk this morning, my left leg is fuct, I don't know what I've done to it but *shrugs* it'll work itself out.
Also spoke to mum today - it turns out she hasn't got cfs, but she probably has MS, they're doing the tests on her now to confirm it. If she has, that sux even greater donkey bollocks than this. still at least she can finally do the bird at various family members and tell 'em get ta fuck ya bastards.

Right, I am absolutely shattered so I'm heading for a bit of a 'nap' - I know I shouldn't but I'll be no good to anyone later if I don't, and I need to win this karaoke comp tonight otherwise I'll be buying no food in for the next few weeks.
That and mum has a sausage casserole with my name on it awaiting some attention...

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