Thursday, March 17, 2005

It's a real pea souper

Yup, fog day - I'm just tired, my limbs are heavy and I feel like I'm forcing through treacle to do anything.
I'm also having a gobble-de-gook phase, really having to concentrate on whats said so I can understand it, Stef just took the piss because I misunderstood something he said, actually - it's not that I misunderstood him - I literally couldn't understand, it's like he was talking a foreign language.
Just won't bother mentioning anything - after wouldn't want to 'annoy' him by 'whinging' again

Asthma is playing up again.
was up at 8.30 had bath, can't really remember what else i did today - oh yeah, was eating porridge when Stef got here so I made food. Just trying to avoid going to bed or sleeping, have to go to the shop and get some food but don't have the energy so I'll wait til Stef gets back and see if he'll take me.
Need to wash up but I'm having problems lifting the kettle and the hot tap still hasnt been fixed, will txt landlord again when I can remember where I put my phone. three major dizzy spells and counting - and I keep bumping into things and tripping over my own feet Tra la la - par for the course.
music is good.

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