Saturday, March 12, 2005

Something new

I've just recieved a shedload of bumph from Caroline at the Bury M.E. support group - and I do mean a shedload - it'll take me a while to wade through this little lot, but what I've scanned so far looks good.

I've also decided that since I'm crap at keeping a written diary of symptoms etc - instead of just whinging on here I'll keep an account of day to day stuff, symptoms, activities etc etc - lets see if any kind of pattern emerges.

(and it gives me an excuse to keep coming online lol)

So... today:

Up at 10.30, usual body aches but no headache (hurrah!) actually hungry, feel like I have enough energy to tackle the kitchen and go for a walk (woohoo!)

Will add more later - I'll even keep a record of how many steps I take each day seeing as my walkers pedometer finally arrived (I'm such a sucker for free stuff)

After a filling meal of beans on toast and a cup of chinese tea, I walked to the Asda and back (3hr round trip) I felt quite ill when I got back - my leg still aches, but I'm also still wide awake at gone midnight - even despite messing about the house all night, I've barely sat down.
While that's good today - I'm dreading the knock on effect over the next few days - ah well... Best not to borrow trouble eh?!
Made a very tasty vegetable and bean soup - still got nearly a full pan left, methinks I'll be feeding well tomorrow, I've also got another carton of cherry tomatos, I think perhaps I should have got more - I eat 'em like candy!

...Oh and my pedometer count is 101144 today.
Lets see how often I can beat that! (till the battery dies anyhow)
Now I need to try and sleep. *sigh* wish me luck!

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