Saturday, March 19, 2005


Yesterday, um...
lets forget about yesterday eh? It' didn't happen, I stayed in bed, got up, fell over, went back to bed, got up, fell over ad nauseum. Just about managed a trip round Asda with Stef at 8ish but felt really sick/ queasy when we left - don't really want to remember much else because it was a rotten day for me.

Today - woke up feeling once again as if the guy with the sledge hammer had been round. Still Thirsty and shaky, pins and needles are back in full force it seems - the last few days they've just not left, I was also shaking so much yesterday that I couldn't eat with my fork till I had it under control and I had to pick up my glass with both hands and really concentrate on not dropping it.
At least I've not had the muscle jumping for a while though - that's awful - not in a painful way, but it's very disturbing feeling the muscles in your hand 'jump' constantly for several hours and nothing you can do stops it.

I slept in again today - but I needed it, woke up again around 12 feeling so much better than I have in days - the aches I'd had earlier have lifted (possibly something to do with the painkiller Stef brought me earlier) It's glorious outside so when I've had a bath I'm going to attempt a nice gentle stroll up to the park - I'm pretty sure Stef won't mind, at least I know he'll look after me if it proves to be a bit much - but I reckon I'll be able to handle it today.
The fog seems to have lifted too, I'm not having to concentrate so hard on trying to 'hear' and understand what he's saying.

I think that's one of the worst things with this, I've always been mentally 'quick' now I just feel so stupid all the time - last night is a great example - I'd decided to bake a cake in the microwave - the room filling with black smoke because I'd left it in too long in an inappropriate container...
I've never been that stupid!
Ah well, onwards and upwards - I'll just have to try harder is all.

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