Monday, March 28, 2005

up 'n' down days

To recap - friday - bit ick, saturday - very ick - had quite a bad 'turn' ended up being carried upstairs by Sean, shame I crashed though - I may have heard whatever wanker stole his mates car from our drive if I hadn't... *sigh*
Sunday went to the paternal home for feeding. Was actually good - managed to play scrabble, despite flickering mental clarity and a banging headache - did kind of 'go' towards the end of the game though, quite embarrasing - pins and needles 'itchy bones' and total lead limbs, had to crash on the sofa as I couldn't make it upstairs - went very cold too - my throat has been incredibly sore ever since.
Been off and on weak and 'normal' all day today, doing the alternate hour of walking about the house and the next hour just monged on the couch thing.
Something new though - can't use my left hand properly - not only is it incredibly weak, it actually hurts to lift things, couldn't unscrew any jars or bottles or anything since yesterday - hopefully this'll go soon, just glad I have many fruit tea's in lol shame I also seem to have another bout of mouth ulcers, my most fave thing in the world...

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