Monday, March 14, 2005

Work visit

I'm still at my pc, I've been here for the last hour or so since being awakened by a call from my mother.
Apparantly she's being referred to a specialist because her Dr thinks she has CFS too.
I'm not surprised.
Now I know what it's like I can think of so many incidents from my childhood that indicate she had it - I'm also ashamed for the numerous occasions I called her a hypochondriac behind her back and prayed that I wouldn't grow up to be just like her.

I think we can safely say I got my come uppance there - now I just hope I'm as strong as she must have been back then to cope with 3 kids even half as well as she did feeling like this all the time with no help, no recognition and less than no support from family and friends.

I'm just trying to summon up the energy to clear some of the crap from the front room so Steve and Racheal have somewhere to sit when they come later - I'm still tired, the aches are down to a dull murmer though which is good. The headache I awoke with has eased back as well.

I'm now going to get some porridge (flavoured with raisins and honey) and another pint of cordial before I get in the bath. Then I guess I should have another bash at those forms.

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