Saturday, March 26, 2005

Chocolate and alcohol are NOT good for you

Easter is great - you get 'eggs' and usually a new mug or 2 to add to the growing collection in your cupboards. Sadly chocolate and nausea do not mix very well...
Stayed at mums right through to 7.30 last night (she feeds me it's great) after around 4hrs sleep I let Stef out then went back to bed, sadly mum heard him leave and as always came out in a talkative mood. I finally got back to sleep again around 10.30ish, woke up again at 12 to find mum and dave sat on the other sofa - very unnerving!
Sadly had the whole 'nausea' thing going on too - as well as the weepy thing, watched 'the railway children' with her and ended up howling.
Felt like dogcrap all the way into town to meet up with dad, My leg is still sore and all I wanted to do was pass out or throw up.
He had a drink waiting for me - I felt so guilty for not being able to drink it. Borrowed some money off him to see me through to the end of this month listened to one of Scottys jokes, made my excuses and then somehow made it home - literally limped upstairs and fell into bed.
Now I still have a headache, feel sick - I'm also incredibly thirsty again (which probably explains the headache) so I'm getting a drink and heading back to bed. I'm burning up and I hurt ALL over. If I wasn't so used to this feeling now I'd swear I was pregnant!
*sob* much self pity going on here right now.
I'm also pissed off because at some point later I'm going to have to try to sort the front room out because SEAN has guests this evening - they're planning on getting trashed. Again.
I'm getting a little bit sick of playing maid for him, he does nothing around the house, most of the time it looks like a warzone so when I feel up to it I blitz the place - which then sets me right back for the next few days.
Roll on hearing from Swinton council. At least then I won't have to watch him drink himself to an early grave or listen to anymore suicide threats.

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