Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mouth ulcers must DIE!

yup, it's harvest moon again and the mouth ulcers have returned. My hand appears to be back to normal though - which is good.

Stef came over around 4am as I was still awake - I'm just too unsettled here now ever since Daves car got pinched from our drive on saturday.
All last night I kept hearing noises that sounded like someone else was in the house - normally it wouldn't bother me as I'd put it down to Sean or next door, but Sean wasn't here and every sound just made the hair on the back of my neck crawl - I must have checked the doors and windows around 30 times all told. *sigh*

But the upshot of it all was, between the pain from my throat and mouth and my wound up paranoia - no sleep. Even when Stef got here and we slept through til 12pm I woke up feeling as though I'd not slept at all, he wouldn't let me stay in bed though - the tyrant.
So I had a bath and just monged in front of the TV till he went to football, then Sean came in and now I'm heading to bed, the aches and headache are just totally eclipsed by the whole throat/ mouth thing - I can barely swallow and I'm really not that interested in eating anything.
Just feel crap *sniff* Pass the Anbesol eh?!
I can't even concentrate on a book! This sux.

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