Friday, April 01, 2005

I have penis envy

The last 2 days are a write off, pretty much nothing but bed because I was just in too much pain to do anything else, next to no sleep and a constant headache - joy.
I hate being a woman when it's like that.
Roll on Sunday!

food - toast. no energy to eat and anything else made me feel sick (sorry Sean, bless ya for trying though) feel better today - at least I'm out of bed.
Going to take my sick note to the benefits people as they need it for my incap claim, glad steve sent it back to me straight away, the less delay the better since finances are pretty dire right now...

todays symptoms - very weak (no surprise since i've not really eaten in 2 days and the floods are raging) headache, shakes (very little sleep I propose to be the cause) no brain fog that i can tell - which is nice, mouth and throat still sore, skin dry and itchy and just a general 'blaugh' feeling all over. Eyes are bad today though, not focussing too well.
I'm just getting some porridge, heading out with sean and getting some fresh stuff in before stef gets here tonight - he's gonna bitch at me something chronic if I don't *sigh* glad he's around to push me else I think I'd end up just wasting away in bed all day, even on thedays I'm capable of doing stuff.
Wanting to not disappoint someone is quite a powerful motivation I've found.

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