Saturday, April 02, 2005


I've decided that taking these supplements do help.
I stopped taking 'em for about a month, just to see (ok I stopped taking everything for about a month) and now I'm only on the Omega 3 oil, selenium+A,C and E and the Vitamin B supplements.
They don't help with the pain (obviously) but they do seem to help with the other stuff, head fog etc.
I'm going to try the Huo Zhu Wan again next week and see if that helps further like I thought it did last time, if it does then I shall not bother with the dothiepin and other stuff I was prescribed - I don't like the fact that I have to take one thing for an illness then 3 other things for the side effects of the illness medication.
I'll stick to the herbal remedies if I can thanking ye very much indeed.

I was told about another one that's sadly not available over here - Enada nadh.
Sounds good but expensive, and a bit of a bugger to get my hands on even with the internet. If the Huo Zhu Wan does the same thing then I'll just call Ben and get some more - I think I'll be able to manage £5pw for them - as soon as my benefits are sorted that is.

Right, I think I should go drink and take todays batch and have some shreddies. Food is a good plan now my appetite has returned.

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