Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mightily pissed off.

The fucktard at the job centre plus telephone contact centre who told me I needed to claim JSA online after I explained about my 2 month cessation of paid employment obviously did not listen to my explanation properly because it turns out she should have instead given me the number for ESA.

Yes, I spent a whole 2 days last week filling out the online form (that should only take an hour they say; and if the site stopped timing out maybe it would have been that swift to do...) I then received a text with my job centre appointment; 10:05 this morning.

After checking the buses I realised I could either get there 30 minutes early or 10 minutes late so I opted for early, being the organised sort and all. When I got there I was informed that there was no waiting areabut I could stand in the lobby. As it was cold and raining and my being in the lobby kept forcing the doors to open I went back into the job centre intending to stand out of the way just behind the doors by the window - immediately the G4S lass came and kicked me back out again. By this time I was feeling knackered and my leg was really hurting so you can imagine my joy when I went back in at 10:00 to be told that no - the appointment is for 10:15, they just tell us to be there 10 minutes early.

So, I could have taken the later bus and been bang on time, not tired and sore or in anybody's way yet they neglected to state this time I was sent was 10 minutes prior to the actual appointment thereby taking that option away from me.

To add insult to injury I then sat down with the lass at the desk and gave her all of my information which she photocopied, ticked off and signed my form and then sat in stunned disbelief as she told me I needed to be available and looking for full time employment. I explained my situation and she said oh - i'm afraid you don't meet the criteria for JSA, you need to make a claim for ESA instead.

The main reason I called the contact centre in the first place was to establish which benefits I was eligible for and needed to claim so I have wasted a week of my time, bus fare and a phone call only to now have to start the process all over again. FML

What's the betting they say I don't get esa either because i'm fit for work..?