Friday, April 23, 2010


Ok, deferral form and supporting evidence has been submitted - I am officially taking the entire of this semester again next year (assuming the panel ok it)

I'll be honest, having to split my final year like this makes me feel like a failure. Lofically I know i'm not but emotionally.. I just really hate being this mentally weak, having to acknowledge that I can't cope.

..But the worst part of it is that this is a further indication that any hope I harbour of being able to work a full time job is just a pipe dream. If I can't cope with almost part time hours on a flexible course then a full time job will kill me.

..possibly literally if the reported occurrences of a weakened heart in ME/CFS sufferers is true. I'm not giving up my hope completely though - I was able to just about manage a full time course AND the cable project before bella was born.

If I can slowly build myself back up then one day I'll be able to work full time. I have to believe it otherwise what's the point of pushing myself like this?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why put off until tomorrow..

Once again I am putting in for deferral. There is no way I'll pass the semester B wad and paws exams, I've missed too much class because of the fatigue/ pain and general crapness of menieres and me/cfs.

The truth is, i'll alsobe lucky to pass my DES deferral assignment, I've not even started the last of the filming, I need to get my arse in gear big style - the problem is, i've got myself so stressed about it that I shy away from thinking about all I need to do because it brings on a crash.

Pathetic eh?

I'm averaging 3 crashes a week - that is ones bad enough to keep me in bed for at least half the day and mentally unfit for anything for the rest of it.

When I'm not stuck in bed it seems i'm having to look after bella or clean house and that's given me even less energy/ enthusiasm/ inclination to work.

It doesn't help that she's down with a chest infection and Stef has some kind of flu bug. *sigh* and I don't know what's wrong with me but I need help; I'm being plagued by bad dreams and unpleasant memories.

My mind just keeps regurgitating all the bad stuff that's happened to me since as far back as I can remember, then when it's done reminding me of things I'd give anything to forget, I get slammed with the nasty dreams about things I pray never to see or go through.

To be honest, i'm glad we got the eye massager - 30 minutes on that before bed seems to be the only thing that can send me off these days, I just wish I could stay asleep instead of succumbing to these dreams..