Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A tad dejected

Yesterday is the first time I've had full time care of Isabella since she was born (from waking to bedtime) and it's only because Stef is helping his sister move house. It was great and I can see why he's so happy to stay with her instead of working and leaving her with his mum as we'd originally decided.

The only problem is; that one day has left me bed bound - full on CFS/ME crash happened in the night and I'm still recovering from it - it's also had the knock on effect of setting off the Meniere's so I'm basically deaf and knackered today.

God help me when she starts crawling/ walking - how on earth can I hope to be a 'proper' mum when just one day of caring for her leaves me bed bound?

He's helping his sister again today so Isabella is with his mum and I'm tucked up in bed with the laptop, mobile phone, packed lunch and bottled water attempting to concentrate on the HCI assignment due in today and the questionnaire I need to email out to my WBL client for her students.

*sigh* at least I'm not a single mum, I'd be hospitalised and she'd have been taken into care by now.

What's worse is the 2 lessons I've missed today because of this are the 2 I most need to attend! It's frustrating to say the least!

..but it could always be worse, I have a roof over my head and food on the table beside me, internet access (always a good thing) and I've got until 11 to get the HCI in and even if it isn't to my 'usual' standard it's 'only' 20% of the mark, I've got tomorrow to rest up ready for Friday and a gorgeous daughter to cuddle and love - when he brings her home
So.. Work!