Thursday, August 16, 2007

S'all go 'ere ya know..

The whole ME/CFS thing has been very up and down of late, this means I've been doing things in fits and starts. Boom and bust is not the best way to manage this illness but sometimes you just have to go with it.

It seems that July was a washout because I spent most of it on a couch or in bed. we made up for it in the first week of August though, Stef decided that we should join some friends who were camping in Wales, it's the first time I've used my blue badge (or 'my cripple badge' as we've taken to calling it) Unbelievably it really made a difference having that.

My stamina is shot to hell so being able to park closer to the places we wanted to go was a real bonus, ok so on 2 occasions I had to go back to the car before everyone was done, but it was still a help - though not as much as not having to pay for parking - I think that's going to be worth it's weight in gold!
I hate asking Stef to take me places because of the parking charges (and because he's not a taxi service) but now that little guilt has dropped away. Yup, me likee the blue badge scheme.

We got back from our camping trip and spent the day in bed before heading out for my brothers birthday, I then spent the next 2 days pretty much a wreck.

It's not all bad news though - far from it!
I may be physically buggered of late (not in the literal sense I hasten to add) but mentally I'm doing well. I've upped my VegEPA intake to 8 a day again and that seems to be paying off because although I'm tired and I keep getting headaches I can still function, there is no brain fog, very little confusion and my memory seems to be fine - in fact if I could just lose the verbal aphasia I'd be a really happy bunny, I can live with the fatigue; it's sounding like a moron when I talk to people that really burns me up!

I've been invited to contribute to a weblog discussing the social networks and this has kept me quite happy, I've also been trying to sort out my options upon moving. We're going down to Bushey this weekend to clear out the garage/ attic etc so that we'll have somewhere to store my stuff, whilst we're there I plan to go into Watford college and try to speak to someone about this years intake.

Fingers crossed I'm not too late eh?!