Monday, March 14, 2005

Insomnia city

Since my last post I've done nothing but watch dvd's go to the loo, fetch drinks and check online forums and my blog lists - alternating between all three as my eyesight allows.
It's been playing up a lot recently and I'm so dry all the time - eyes and mouth. It probably explains why I'm so thirsty though, my skin is dryer than it's ever been in my life, my lips are constantly cracked and flaky - I've even developed some kind of eczma type rash all down the back of my legs and my bum!
(I know I know... TMI)

I can't sleep - I'm so tired I'm internally shaking (though I was doing that before the headache kicked in so maybe it's all part and parcel of the dropping things phenomena) but I can't sleep, my mind is racing. I went to bed at 2 but then after lying there tossing and turning, fruitlessly trying to find some position that eased the aches a little - I gave up and turned on the trusty pc again - I can always find solace online (assuming I can handle looking at the screen long enough)

I've got a home visit from work tomorrow. This has confused me - I was informed that they've stopped paying me SSP, I've even recieved the written confirmation of this (finally) yet my boss and his superior are still coming out to do a home assessment on me.
Ah well, whatever makes 'em happy - it'll be someone to talk to other than a hungover, depressed housemate.
Which is nice.

I need to finish filling out my benefit forms tomorrow so I can get 'em posted, I just keep forgetting about them - not a good thing to do as they need to be in by march 21st at the latest.
Perhaps I should also use this blog as a reminder list - I never remember to stick one in phone like I used to.
Feck it - I'm gonna play bejewelled till I crash, it usually helps.

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