Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Yet another shit day... dum de dum de dum

Couldn't really sleep last night - just couldn't settle, skin was too sensitive I was just hot and itchy and the duvet was irritating me.
Finally dropped off, woke up by a call from mum. Dragged my sorry ass out of bed had a bath (zombie stylee) got sean up then we went to meet mum in town.
She was late for a change so we stopped by starbucks - I had a strawberry frappachino and muffin (way to go on the cutting out dairy products lol) then went to meet her when her bus got in.

After about 30 minutes of wandering around the shops I was starting to not feel 'with it' I just put it down to needing the loo and a drink, the feeling didn't go away and I started getting snappy.
I really tried not to.
The fact that I hate clothes shopping anyhow didn't really help matters though, so instead of realising that I was feeling out of sorts, mum put it down to me getting depressed because we couldn't find anything. It's not true, I was just feeling really lousy and just wanted to get home and lie down, so after a slight scene which left me walking up King street in tears followed by an awkwardly sympathetic housemate.

We finally made it home and for the second day in a row I ended up falling onto the sofa and literally crashing in seconds. Woke up with a stinking headache (which I'm putting down to the stress and tears) and had to literally crawl upstairs to go to the loo because my legs weren't working. Coming back down was easier.
Sean had thankfully placed a drink on the coffee table for me for when I woke up so I just had a drink and went back to sleep.
When I woke up again the headache had eased somewhat but the body aches were back full force - moving hurt. A lot.
I made myself get up, grabbed the last 2 painkillers (reminder, get some more tomorrow) switched on the TV and had some toast, sean then made me some proper food and I just 'rested' for a while in front of the box, waiting for the painkillers to kick in.
I'm now 'up' still tired, dull headache, legs hurt - especially my bad knee and I'm depressed. Other than that... Well, I'm still breathing - and I have chocolate.
Roll on May.

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