Thursday, March 24, 2005

the mansion

Went up to Sean's gaff today (ok so technically it's the parental place, but its still classed officially as his home) we went there to abuse the facilities and eat their food.

This was good, I actually ate 2 proper meals (one of fish no less) and we had a swim in the pool. Well Sean had a swim, I did a few strokes then floated around on the big rubber mat til he flipped me off it.
Me no likee the chlorine thing, had to get out because my throat burned! my eyes are still sore around 5 hours later, which is why I am not yet sleeping. I've gargled with asprin as per the beloveds orders (men!) and i'm just doing my daily symptom run up before i crash.

slightly head fogged, bluury eyedness, pins and needles, slight nausea and the promise of a blinding headache were there to ruin my afternoon, a couple of ibruprofen later, headache gone, stomach turned to a raging ball of acid though - did nothing to ease the nausea.
just sat and chilled for an hour or so drinking water by what felt like the bucket load. had food, and hour later did the swim thing.

Too achey to swim properly, though floating in that lovely warm water helped a little. my left leg decided to not co-operate though so a present I'm limping badly, possibly pulled or strained something.
Still acidy and shakey but actually tired so now i'm gonna crash, dr's app in the morning dontcha know.
He's gonna love me. i'm planning on writing up a list of my symptoms so far as they appear on my blog - try and get a kind of time line going if poss, then let him know that he may be contacted by the benefits people (probably the fave part of his job that one!) see if there is anything he can suggets other than pills for the pain etc seeing as I have no money for prescriptions etc at present.
and I need to discover a decent antacid, this burning is driving me NUTS! As is the rash - I think IT didn't approve of the chlorine either *sigh*
Lets hope I can sleep despite it.

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