Tuesday, March 22, 2005

MORE forms. *sigh*

I was warned...
They previously sent me the wrong incapacity benefit forms, which figures...
I found out when I went in on Thursday to see about a crisis loan (have I already blogged this? gah! My memory sux) ok, whatever - I got these new ones on Friday but I've been really pants the last few days which is why I'm trying to fill them out today.
I hadn't realised what a mess my paperwork was in - can I find anything? Can I buggary! So fingers crossed they accept what I've written, pass me the cash and I can then concentrate on this 'pacing' (it involves calm and patience - 2 qualities I am not renowned for...) and after todays physio assessment at the hospital I've signed up for the 'energy for life' program.
This consists of 5 consecutive Tuesdays of whinging with at least 8 other cfs sufferers in a classroom environment before undertaking some 'light circuit training' (Exercise... Not worried about that in the slightest...) The 'research study' is just some questionaires spaced out over the next 6 months so I'm not too fussed about that.

Stef and I cleaned the house yesterday (ok, Stef did most of it but it's still a lot more sparkly looking, even if I do still have the sofa covers to do) The last few days he's been really ace, I don't know what's changed - whether he's actually realised I'm not faking for an easier life or whether I was really just being too hyper critical (who? me?!) about how he's reacted to it previously - either way, I've felt more chilled with him around again which has helped me calm down a bit.
Sadly that hasn't helped with the aches 'n' stuff, but fingers crossed this physio thing does something.
Even more to the point - fingers crossed my benefits get sorted before mum's wedding I used the last of my cash doing the shopping on friday with Stef, I have just enough food in now to last me 2-3 weeks - nothing fresh sadly, but at least it's fairly nutricious stuff.
I'd best go finish filling out the darned forms before my eyes go again.

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