Sunday, March 13, 2005


Well, today appears to have made up for yesterday *sigh*

Yes the majority of it has been spent lay down, I have a sneaking suspicion its food poisoning though - I should have known not to use those berlotti beans, only a few days out of date but *shrugs*

Woke up at around 10.30ish again (at last! a pattern?) PAIN all over, I figured that was just a healthy burn from all the excersize I did yesterday though - Till I tried to get up.
dizziness, nausea - lying back down didn't help because the room started spinning, tried to get back to sleep but failed miserably - the most that happened was another of those semi-dreaming states I get sometimes when I'm too awake to sleep but too exhausted to get up - except I didn't feel tired for a change. Just ill.

After several hours of this I lurched downstairs and got a drink, 2 pints of cordial later and I felt a little better - could actually swallow and my throat didn't feel so sore. Still burning up though and my lack of balance has not improved any.
Not feeling so sick now, though a slight nauseousness is still there. I feel like I'm going to the loo every 5 minutes with a few drinks to top up my system in between.
Perhaps forcing myself to move around isn't the best plan but I am too thirsty to care, and since for once I can move whilst feeling this shit - I'm doing so.

Right my eyesight is going again so I'm heading back down to my impromptu bed on the couch - I refuse to get into my actual bed until a reasonable bed time - I spend far too much time in it as it is! At least by camping out downstairs I can pretend I'm 'up'.

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