Sunday, March 06, 2005


J can finally stop whinging at me.
I've spent the better part of today searching fruitlessly online for an ME/ CFS/ PVFS support group or helpline number.
Nary a one to be found in my area - and by my area I mean the city of Manchester. It would appear that I am obviously the only M.E sufferer in our teeming metropolis. So much for getting some help with the benefits forms *sigh*
I've emailed a few places and posted requests on a couple of forums but I'm not really holding out much hope on the subject. In the meantime I'm attempting to answer some of the 'questions' on these forms.
Perhaps I should move to Bury or Tameside - they both appear to have extremely active support groups. I just hope one of 'em is willing to try and help me out.

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