Friday, November 26, 2004

Instead of whinging on my main blog...

Well... Awake again, no real surprise there - seems I'm reverting back to the whole broken sleep patterns I had at the start of this illness, I'll 'sleep' for 2-3 hours then be wide awake for a couple oh hours, then I'll feel ill and need to crash... You get the picture.
I wouldn't mind but it seemed like things were improving. I'd had no really nasty headaches for ages - right up until my disastrous asda trip, the achyness appeared to have subsided - without me using painkillers (this kicked back in about 2 days ago) and the 'sleepy fits' had dropped down to around once a fortnightish. (Had a bad 1 today, lasted about 3hrs, joy.)
I just don't understand what's going on. Why is it taking so goddamned long for me to get an appointment with this 'specialist'?
I also had another call off work this morning so I'm starting to get a little stressed... Hmmmmmm... Maybe that's what it is. I know at the back of my mind there is a very worrying nag about the dwindling resources of my bank account, Christmas coming up has only managed to add to that as I know I'll be expected to add to the pile of presents in various houses (see, some gifts I quite like to buy, others I really begrudge.. But you cant buy one without the other can ya *sniff*)
I'm sat here sipping some chamomile tea wishing I could get back to sleep, I have to be up quite early so I can visit an old friend tomorrow/ today...
and there's no one about for me to whinge at either (which is why I'm getting all maudlin on the blog)
I just wish sick pay was scaled so that all outgoings were covered instead of some figmentary 'all you need to get by' amount as dictated by our government (ah, key word - government - literal translation: body of people who live completely out of touch with the persons they represent, charged with running the country.)
and that's as political as I get.
ugh, I feel like a train wreck.
If only I had alcohol to blame.

Even after sleeping most of the day at mothers, I still feel like crap so no happy joy joy post, I'm gonna drown myself in a hot bath, if that doesn't work, peppermint tea and back to bed.
But at least my appointment has come through, good timing eh?
Friday 3rd December 9.30am.
lets hope I'm able to walk, unlike this morning when my joints all decided to fuse into painful lumps of uselessness *sob* just shoot me.
and I still feel sick.

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