Sunday, October 14, 2007

catch up.

I've been a tad on the whacked side this week, Wednesday was pants as I nearly crashed in class, managed to fight through but felt awful right through to Friday morning when I was riding the biggest high I've had in months - was practically dancing up the high street and barely containing the songs pouring through my mind in a happy stream.

That didn't last of course because I've discovered that I'm not a fan of databasing, methinks I'll be outsourcing that particular job should I ever be in a position to do it. By Friday night I was shattered and yesterday was basically a washout as I spent most of it in bed.

I did get up at 7:30pm though, Stef took me to the local cinema to see 'Run fat boy, run' I have to say I really quite enjoyed it there's a brand of humour for everyone in that film, it also highlighted how strange my sense of humour must be because at certain points I was the only person laughing while at others everyone but me seemed to be laughing.. ah well, m'an original ;)

I've also been getting grief from a few of the guys on the support group - I know they're right and it's just because they care but.. I do wish I'd never mentioned the low blood pressure thing, some of the comments were a little scary.

I've been getting dizzy spells and faint nausea quite regularly for the last few weeks, I've also been having to watch my breathing because it's very shallow, if i'm not thinking about it I don't breathe deeply - it's not asthma it's just as though I've forgotten how I'm supposed to breath.

I've also been getting sharp twinges in my chest. I am going to go to the doctors, I have an appointment booked - it's just not until the 6th november. I'm fine with that but the guys in the support group keep telling me to demand an earlier appointment.

It may be daft but I don't want to put anyone out. This new doctors is not one I can easily get to - I need to be taken there. The appointment on the 6th is for both my man and me, since he has to go anyway it's not putting him out - that and since the nurse is doing all the prelim checks then the doc will be able to see for himself what my blood pressure etc is like. I don't see the point in going before he has some data on me - it'll take a good couple of months for him to get hold of my records.

Meh, I'll be fine. I just need to take things a little easier is all.

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