Saturday, September 03, 2011

Hospital visit

so yeah, 3 years ago today i was lying in a hospital bed with my newborn. Yesterday i was lying in a hospital bed due to abdominal pains; stef has been joking that I wanted to relive the birth, I didn't see the humour.

The pain started at five am, it was a sharp burning slashing pain that came in waves, I tried to ignore it as I've had it before (though not at such an intense level) I just assumed I'd pulled something inside to do with the scar - like I say I've had it before and it always went away so no point bothering the Dr.

This time though the pain just kept growing to the point that at 8am I was sat on the couch with Bella and I passed out for a few seconds - I have only ever fainted twice before and both times were due to an infection so.. Drs.

I went in, got poked and prodded - he pressed down on the tender spot and I screamed and burst into tears, he then phoned the hospital and asked that I be admitted with possible appendicitis. Great.

We got to WGC and I was admitted, disrobed and left on a bed for several folk to come and do more of the prodding and poking - but by now the pain had practically disappeared as it was just a dull all over abdominal ache that made it impossible for me to recall just where it had hurt the most before.

The surgeon on call decided it was unlikely to be appendicitis and I was sent in for observation. All day I was stuck in a hospital bed with the pain coming and going - always seemingly gone when anyone medical was around to check on me; which figures..

After an ultrasound, an internal, swabs, lots of external poking plus urine tests and blood work I was given  a possible explanation based soley on theory - the gynaecology lass suggested that it could be adhesions and the first examination by the GP may have 'done' something to help push whatever was causing the problem back into place, the surgeon said I may have had a cyst of some kind and again the GP examination burst it hence big stab of pain and then very little else.. To be honest by 8pm I didn't care, I just wanted to go home.

As usual they could find nothing wrong with me, tests came back negative and I figured I could manage it myself with painkillers so when they asked if it had gone I said yes. ..Because it had gone back to the dull ache, ok so 10mins later when we were back in the car it came back but it had been doing so all day so what was the point in my taking up a bed that they obviously needed when they could do sod all for me that I couldn't do for myself at home..?

If I can avoid the medical profession I will, I have ME/CFS that they cannot help me with - so I do the best I can alone, if I were to tell them every time some symptom returns or if I'm finding it hard to cope with something I'd be there every bloody week! The Menieres disease; likewise. I go in for my betahistine prescriptions as they do help keep it under control - mostly.. But if I were to go in every time I had an attack again i'd be in there at least once a fortnight - so just adding a mystery fluctuating abdominal pain to the list of things I sort out myself is nothing.

All hail over the counter pain pills eh..?

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