Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm all alone... I'm all by myself... Sing along!

I've moved, life is good - or at least I hope it will be once I get registered with another Dr.

The last 3 days have been crap - I've spent a total of maybe 5 hours out of bed. yesterday was so bad I think it scared the blokey - he's not seen me do the total shutdown before. Seriously it's not pleasent, I just lie there like some brain damaged zombie. It's not pretty.

I'm thinking I need to ask about my elbows and the aches - the pain has intensified since the move, I'm wondering if maybe I did some damage trying to lift things - I just don't know. At least my benefits have been sorted so I can get by without that kind of stress - YEY Salford! Seems their benefits dept is on the ball.

I'm just a bit pissed off right now. Everyone is at the pub and I'm stuck here trying not to feel sorry for myself, I wanted to go but there was just no way I was physically up for it, I've been passing out all day on and off - just too weak and icky for words. Lets just hope I'm functioning by Sunday else I'll get grief off dad for missing the party. I still need to sort out a costume as well.
Anyone got a 50's dress lying around they'd like to drop off for me? Oh - and advice on hairstyles would be helpful, I'm hoping to avoid just sticking it up in a pony tail.

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