Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cognitive behavioral therapy

It seems I need help.
I got to the hospital well ahead of time, even had to wait for 15 minutes past my appointment time, but the lass I saw was lovely. A bit too easy to talk to actually - if that's possible for someone in her line of work.
BAsically I'm going into therapy for a few 'issues' I have, things I've never really dealt properly - I've always had a habit of 'forgetting' things, tucking the bad stuff away into a little box and chucking it into a very deep well at the back of my mind, sadly with all this time on my hands all the bad stuff keeps coming back to haunt me - so we'll be adressing that in the hope it stops the nightmares.
She's also got me keeping an excersize diary. I'm to go back next tuesday with it and she's going to help me decide on a decent programme/ daily pacing method. In the hour I was there we barely scratched the surface of my problems but I'm optimistic that if nothing else at least I'm finally doing something!

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