Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I've been to see the doc today, clutched in my frozen paw as I left was a prescription for a new inhaler. Joy..

He's a top bloke my doc though, he never makes you feel like a waste of space - he actually makes eye contact with you and listens sympathetically to everything you say - no nonsense about him at all, just friendly professionalism.
*sigh* I do wish there were more around of his ilk!

ANyhow, it seems I do now have inflammation in my ears and he reckons I definitely have a dust allergy, I've been referred to an ENT specialist (ear, nose and throat) at hope hospital (and we all know how much I love going in there..) normally I'd have laughed when he said it's likely to be a 6-8 week wait, lets face it, most things will have cleared up by then but I've already had this for over a month and it's just getting worse and exacerbating the cfs crap with it.

I guess I'll just keep being manky and crap and take it as easy as I can, I'm pissed off though - I'm getting ulcers again, shows how run down I am - I hate mouth ulcers!


Anonymous said...

I just read your page and also think that it would help you to get away from where you are - being in the country can be a bit too quiet sometimes but I enjoy listening to the birds not the traffic etc.

and if you get too down vics I am at home all the time and would love to be an ear if you need it

take care

sonya (soggy)

Vics said...

Sonya.. I can't tell you how sweet that is *kiss* I promise I'm not really as miserable as it sounds on here - this is where I purge is all. It also helps to have a record of what symptoms kick in at what time - this and my main blog are great for spotting patterns and trends which is part of the reason I keep 'em - that and it's very cathartic to whinge sometimes..