Monday, June 04, 2007

Mood swings and driving

I was on a bit of a downer this morning when I posted this little whine on my main blog, I've since had my driving lesson and it went pretty well, considering I'm in a new car that has some of the controls in different places and it's been a year since my last lot of lessons - I'm pretty chuffed with how well I've retained the knowledge considering the mental difficulties I have these days. He's just going through the checklist of things they'll look for on my test since he's confident I can actually drive safely.
That nugget of info perked me up no end, it's nice to have confirmation you CAN do something when most of the time you are all to aware of the things you can't do.

I think my ear infection is back so I'm going to have to head to the doctors again, pain in the arse it is, but it's cheaper than going to buy the medication, that's the one bonus of a longterm sickness - no prescription charges!

I'm still sore, I'm still knackerd but at least I'm not crying or wanting to murder anyone at the moment, which makes a pleasant change..

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