Monday, September 03, 2007

Hacking up a lung

I've been 'ill' for the last 3-4 days, for 2 of those days I was silent - not through choice of course, I just couldn't speak, literally.

It's funny though, an email from Bill in the support group had me thinking. Prior to getting CFS/ ME I was always coming down with a cold or a throat infection, I blamed it on working at the university, there was always a student dying of flu so my chances of catching something were huge.
Now though, instead of catching a cold every few weeks I get maybe 2 a year, and they don't last for weeks on end, usually it's a matter of a week tops (so here's hoping this one is no different eh?!) Bill said he's the same..

I could go into my usual paranoid mode, I actually joked that maybe the reason we all have CFS is due to secret government testing - they were searching for the cure for the common cold and instead created us lot. Bastards.

Nah, I think the more logical explanation for the downturn in colds and flu amongst the CFS community is the lack of human contact. Most of us rarely interact with other people face to face these days, most of our socialising is done online, this means we are less likely to pick up the bugs preying on the general population - though the people who visit the hospital and the doctors surgery regularly are buggered..

Anyhow, the other thing to come out of the support group emails is the realisation that I need to rip apart my CFS website and update a few bits, add a few more bits and generally re-write most of what's up there, the information is still valid but i'm not happy with the wordyness of it.
The whole point of the site was to help other potential sufferers understand the thing and I've been looking at it with a jaundiced eye of late and know that, were I to be reading it on a semi bad day I'd just zone out - there's too much to take in and it's all depressing.

Yes, the bad news is there's no cure and there's no real treatment BUT I could at least write about how that's not the end of the world.
Anyhow, that's the task I've set for myself over the next few weeks, I'll be trawling the support site and various forums for snippets of helpful information/ tips and hints on coping and I'll be consolidating it all into one page and adding that to my site

Oh and for those of you who are interested - I've finally thrown up the interview Sean wrote up. I should probably have posted it on here since it's about M.E. and how I cope but I'd said on my other blog a while back that i'd post it over there so I did.

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