Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hospitals and college timetables

I've just been to see my first neurologist; a rather pleasent and friendly jewish man who swiftly ruled out any possibility of my having epilepsy *happy dances*

He not only went through my medical history he asked questions about my background and upbringing which seemed a little odd.. He then said that what I was describing was definitely CFS, while he expressed a couple of doubts on my ability to cope with a couple of things he did seem quite.. 'impressed' is the wrong word but it's the only one springing to mind so it'll have to do, he seemed impressed with my progress and how well I am coping in the main.

That gave me a bit of a boost I have to say ;)

Yup, I'm liking the guys they have at Watford general - so far i've been impressed with the friendliness and attention they take of their patients.
When I went to see the ENT guy I was impressed with the efficiency of the department even though I was disappointed to learn there is a 95% chance I do have Meniere's disease - I've been put forward for an MRI but for many reasons the neurologist seems to think it's unlikely I'll be called for it within the next year as they tend to only do them when there is a chance of uncovering something serious - since this is more annoying than serious.. Meh, at least I'm not epileptic eh?!

..and I can DRIVE!!!! That was the best news I've had in WEEKS!

Turns out I made a mistake with my timetable too - I'm not in 4 days a week. Next week I'm in tue/wed/fri then we have a week off for reading (ie they're low on rooms again and exams are taking place) then when we go back I'm in wed/thur/fri which means I have LONG weekends!
Things just keep getting better and better - all I need to cap this mood is the news that we have somewhere to live! While it's good of the in-laws to put us up I'd not imagined we'd still be here now, 5 months is a long time to share living space with people!

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heidi said...

i just stumbled on to your blog. it is wonderful to see that i'm not the only one in this battle. good luck!