Friday, April 03, 2009


I went to the doctors the other day to get a letter for college so that I can get a blanket extension for all my coursework. The previous menieres/ ME/CFS relapse certainly did me no favours regarding deadlines so I need a note medically validating the fact that I'm useless.

..ok, not 'useless' but very much not up to speed.

While there I mentioned the trouble I've been having with my left arm and it turns out I have rotator cuff strain - all I know is it hurts, but then with the me/cfs aches I'm kinda used to that - it was proved beyond a shadow of a doubt during labourwith Isabella that my pain threshold is actually pretty high (despite opinions to the contrary) but I figured I may as well mention it - good job I did, if left it could turn pretty nasty apparently..

Unfortunately she seems to think that I could have post natal depression; I think she just doesn't know enough about the illnesses I already have. Yes I get down, depressed and hopeless. Yes I have feelings of low esteem, tiredness, trouble sleeping, little energy or appetite and have trouble concentrating on things - but show me one person with a chronic fluctuating illness who doesn't experience all of these things on and off!

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