Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WooHOO! ..and BACK!

Yup, my brain appears to be functioning again.

This last week I've managed to complete my first programming assignment, most of the final report for my work based learning project (including poster design) and today I completed 1/3 of my first multimedia assignment - if things go according to plan then that one should be completed and submitted by this time tomorrow evening!

I still have 2 HCI assignments to do, stats to gather so that I can finish my WBL report and more content to add to the WBL website - all before Monday.

No sweat, 5 days is plenty of time so long as the CFS/ME stays away. I figure Thursday for HCI1, friday for HCI2, Saturday to collate stats and finalise my report and Sunday to finish website content and poster design.

Then on Monday I get my poster printed and laminated, submit all work and et voila! I'm bang up to date again and looking to get the GOOD grades!

..all I have to do then is buy an outfit suitable for a business presentation, start and complete the 3 assignments I've not even looked at yet because the deadlines aren't until May, revise for exams and FINISH THE YEAR!

..I can't wait!

I sooo deserve a holiday!

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