Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DSA - every CFS/ME student NEEDS this!

I just wish I'd applied for it at the very beginning instead of thinking it would be as torturous and stressful a process as DLA. It isn't, not by a long shot!

It was actually a rather swift and painless process thanks to my needs assessor, he was lovely!

I've had my provisional needs assessment sent off to be approved by the LEA so fingers crossed that will happen before my course ends (since I'm still waiting for them to stop asking for information to assess my maintenance grant this could be a while)

..Assuming all goes well and it gets the big green tick though i'll be the happy possessor of an ergonomic chair and footstool and some software called mindview that I'm convinced will make my revision process a lot more constructive than it usually is!

With 5 exams to revise for this is of the highest priority! I'm actually seriously considering downloading the free trial to try and make a start on all of that now - I've only got just over a month before the exams themselves so time is of the essence!

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