Friday, November 26, 2010

FECKING ARSEHOLES! ..or why the slc suck great big hairy donkey bollocks.

I kid you not - trying to get this sorted is almost as bad as applying for DLA!

Last year they finally paid me in a lump sum AFTER the academic year ended. This time I thought it was all sorted but NO.. That would be too easy wouldn't it?

After paying my first expected instalment, they've now sent me ANOTHER 'final' notification stating that i'm to be paid less (not getting the parents allowance or adult dependants grant now for some reason - maybe I lost my partner and daughter in some freak accident and nobody told me yet?)

..on top of which they are also now paying £3220 in tuition fees - despite the fact that this years fees were already paid last year because study was deferred on health grounds so the fees have rolled over.

I'm SO looking forward to calling them on Monday (not!) to speak to 3 different people who will each tell me that this or that information isn't showing on the system now - despite it obviously being there before seeing as i've already had a payment from them!

I'm fed up. My housing benefit and council tax benefit all get based on the expected amount from the SLC, every change has a knock on effect and i'm sick of always having to juggle the house finances to compensate - my other half has no income because he's at home looking after me and bella - because I get student loan he can't get income support and because he's not looking for work he can't get jobseekers - my income is IT for the 3 of us.

Considering going up to darlington and burning the place down. ..except that'd set the process back for everyone by about 2 years again.

Fecking idiots - why do all paperwork places hire idiots? They lose items sent by registered post, ask for information they have previously told you they don't need and delay asking for something important until you've already sent in 5 copies of the stuff they don't need but have asked for AGAIN.


..and breathe.

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Vics said...

and now the menieres disease has kicked in - thankyou SOOOOO much you delightful bastards.

stress is JUST what I need to set me up for the ridiculous amount of work I'm about to embark on for my final years study.