Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Been a long year..

..But the end is in sight!

I had my first exam yesterday and despite being worried as the day before was spent entirely stuck in bed with my worst CFS crash in a while - I think I aced it.

That is the first time I've ever come out of an exam suprememly confident in my responses - it's also the first time I've looked over an exam paper and had the pick of the optional questions because I knew the answers to 'em all!

Hopefully that's not over confidence speaking but so long as I can do as well on fridays exam then I'm guaranteed my 1st class honours no matter what grade my project gets.

The deadline for that is the 23rd of May so not long to go until my life as a student is over. Hard to believe freedom is so close!

To be honest I'm trying hard not to think about life after exams because I'm worried to death about getting a job; I know I can only do part time, it's just; who will take me on and doing what?

But that's borrowing trouble and it's normal for any graduate to feel that way so for now trying to shelve any pessimism and just concentrate on the work that will actually determine the level of job I can apply for.

..oh and if any of you infrequent readers are interested - I could use a little help with my project:

this 5-10 minute survey could really use some love, it is task based and requires that you locate and download a certain .pdf file, but I'd appreciate it EVER so much if you'd oblige a gal.. *flutters lashes* pretty please?

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