Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Working Girl

I've submitted all my paperwork for the CRB check, just waiting on the contract and my work ID to make things official - I'm teaching my first class tomorrow afternoon but thankfully won't be flying solo until the aforementioned items are sorted.

But so much for the 3.5hrs a week I was initially told about! I'm doing 3hrs a day Monday-Friday, you have NO idea how happy this makes me! I'm just glad that Stef can drive me there though; it's a 2hr bus journey each way otherwise. Having to endure that journey before and after work would make it impossible for me to function after 2 days.

I know the usual response is 'but just use the journey to rest, you only have to sit there..' How do you explain to a 'normal' that the constant stopping and starting, the motion of the bus when it's moving, the smells, the noise - it's all taxing and 'just sitting there' is not resting when you can't relax back into the seat or brace yourself on an armrest - 2 hours of sitting without proper support is very tiring! feet swinging an inch from the floor and unless you get a window seat there is nothing to lean on - but even then, the bus vibration makes it so uncomfortable that you can't lean for long.. I guess I can't blame my travel sickness on the Menieres disease because I even had it as a kid - but battling nausea on top of tiredness makes a bus journey REALLY unpleasant! If only trains were more affordable!

Yup; I need to learn to drive. I wish there was some government scheme to help with that *sigh* never going to happen though.

On the plus side - the landlord sent me a text a week or so ago announcing his intention to put our flat on the market. I didn't think of this as a plus at the time; I panicked and stressed and almost brought on a relapse. But since being offered all these hours it makes sense for us to move closer to my work so that if Stef does get a job I can continue to work without transport being an issue.

Now we just have to find accommodation in our price range that we can both agree on which fits my transport criteria and is near to a good school for Bella ... um... Wish me luck...

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