Friday, February 11, 2005

Doing something positive

After a bit of nagging from a certain someone I can see that I've been going about this sleep thing all wrong.
Since the only thing I have any real control over is the time I set my alarm for in a morning, that's what I'm going to do.
Yesterday I was up and feeding at 7.30 (As both mum, Stef, Claire, Am, Sean etc etc ad nauseum, can vouch - I'm soooooooo not a morning person. This is gonna hurt for a while) today I was up at 8, me no likee.
Ben (acupunture guy) has given me some herbal stuff to take (in addition to the Dothiepin, supplements, painkillers and pill I already take) so in total that's 15 different tablets I take every day plus however many painkillers I need that specific day.
Did I mention I hate taking tablets?

I do feel brighter today though so hopefully that means the acupuncture is taking effect - I guess it's too early to tell in reality, but my fingers are crossed and I'm going to head into town with Sean shortly to get some shopping and go see people.

I've had to make an appointment for monday with the Dr. as my sick note ran out yesterday and I hadn't realised till work called asking for the new one, I also recieved my Incapacity and DLA forms (disability living allowance) and I'm trying to get an appointment with the local rep so she can help me fill it out as it's a bit of a bugger. So while nothing of any real interest is happening to me this week, I'm at least doing something.

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