Friday, January 06, 2006

A day in the life...

I'm up! My alarm went off at 9 and I actually made it out of bed and into the shower as per timetable.
Ok, There's people out there who'll scoff and say 2Ha! I'd already been at work for 2 hours by then" etc etc etc but I don't care. By 9.45 I was eating my weetabix and sultana mix, drinking my decaf coffee and logging onto my PC.

I am tired, but I'm up and ready to commence pacing myself...
Yeah, right.

What I'm actually planning is to eat my breakfast, clean the kitchen because it's resembling a warzone, go shopping then bead for a couple of hours before heading over to Kay's to get ready for a night of karaoke.

Nice and restful eh?!

I'm beginning to see why Dr. Heaney gave me grief yesterday when I said I was trying to pace myself.
He says I'm doing too much in one go - I need to learn to just do little bits at a time instead of the boom and bust thing I've got going on (I.E. several days of nothing followed by one day of making up for that followed by a few days feeling crap and so on.) I know he's right but it's a difficult cycle to break - especially when me and Stef have started arguing about the fact that I do nothing around the house...
It's frustrating.
I don't want to keep blaming this illness for everything - even though it's the reason I'm the way I am right now.
Hmmm... Perhaps the CBT will help, if nothing else I could always ask to drag him along to a session so he knows I'm not making stuff up - not that I believe he thinks that, but even though he's really trying hard to - he doesn't fully 'get' what this thing is like - no one can unless they've experienced it for themselves.

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