Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Still on the so-so...

I seem to be having an on day followed by an off day routine going, well, a half on day that is.

I'm back to being fatigued again, my headaches are back and my diet and routine are already shot to hell - which is probably why I'm feeling so crap I guess.
I know my diet affects the way I manage things but I keep forgetting to eat until I'm suddenly aware of the gnawing pains in my gut signalling an urgent "feed me now or I kill someone" routine.
There seems to be no warning - i'm either not really hungry or I'm in desperate need of food.
weird huh?!

Ah well...
I'm heading into town tomorrow to look into this 'superfood' thing, hopefully I can pick up some pumpkin seeds that haven't been shelled while I'm there.
That and buy a few more bits and pieces at the bead shop...

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