Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bloody weather!

I do not do well in the heat.
Mind you - I'm not so great in the cold either *grin* but at least if you feel cold you can put on more clothes or turn the heating up. When it's like this there's nothing you can do. Heat makes my aches worse and my mood is basically terrible.

I'm so irritable it's untrue, my poor man! I think he's glad of the world cup, not because he loves his football, more because it gives him an excuse to leave me on my own for a few hours.
I'm not a nice person at present.

I know I get narky when the aches are really bad anyhow - but when it's this hot as well *sigh* on the plus side, I've done a shed load of washing today - it's practically dry the second I hang it on the line, so there are good points lol

My thought process is very disjointed too, I'm only half catching what people say, which doesn't help when I'm queen narky, i take everything the wrong way..

I'm still improving though. I always used to sleep more and do less when it was warm so my current state is NOT a set back, it's normal - and not in a 'these days' normal kind of way, apart from the aches, this is how I was pre-illness, so it's kind of nice.

Ugh, how irish was that last bit?
Anyhow, I'm just glad I've got my projects to work on *grin* my cfs website should be fired up and ready to go by next friday (assuming there's no problem with the ftp process..) Once that's had a couple of people give it the once over and a thumbs up, I'll announce its presence to the world at large and stick in a few meta tags for google and co to find.

Compiling the content has kept me sane actually, it's helped focus my mind with regards what I need to be doing to help my 'recovery' and it feels like I might have done something worthwhile with this course instead of just messing about with code.

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