Sunday, August 06, 2006

Open mouth, change foot.

I hate that feeling when you've upset someone where it wasn't intended, I get really worked up by things like that and end up shutting off from the person and situation completely to stop myself thinking about it.

It's happened several times to me so I guess that makes me quite a thoughtless person - not something I'd have described from my self image. Sadly we rarely see ourselves as others do, I would not have guessed I can come across as arrogant either, but my best friend assures me that sometimes I do.
Everyone should have a best friend who can tell you harsh truths about yourself, it keeps you grounded.

For those of you interested in such things.. Here's the response Prof Puri has sent in reply to those VegEPA concerns:

The allegation that my published work is not authentic was so absurd that I did not feel it warranted a reply at the time. The Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust is unlikely to know the details, as the studies were not carried out using NHS resources. I suggest that this person or their consultant read the original papers and then tell me which data they think have been invented. If I have time, I could then personally show them the original data. If they are querying the neurospectroscopy study, I probably still have access to the original spectra from the ME patients and from the normal control subjects. If they query the beneficial structural MRI changes upon taking fatty acids, then I have access to the original brain scan data – fortunately, electronically ‘stamped’ with the acquisition dates.

It is a very serious matter to make such an allegation. A fellow medical consultant, in particular, should be very careful before alleging fraud. Also, these allegations are not just about me but would necessarily also have to include my published co-authors, who, like me, declared that the work described in each paper was carried out by us.

Methinks I opened a can of worms unintentionally there, and a feeling of impending doom crashed over me as I read it, I did not intend to cause any trouble for anyone when I voiced my concerns to a knowledgable acquaintance (who then emailed prof puri about them and sent me this response) sadly - it's looking as though that may be the case *sigh* I think I should just keep my mouth shut in future - though as I've said that many times in the past it's unlikely to happen in the future either..

I'm still taking the VegEPA's myself but I'ev fallen off the sugar wagon again and succumbed completely to the old boom and bust routine. That's the problem with doing something that involves creativity, you can't stop when the juices are flowing or you lose it.. Perhaps getting back into music was not my best plan of action at this stage of things *sigh*


Rhubarb said...

Hey you, youve been going through many very difficult things. Your a very brave woman, and I hope that life decides to bring you some happier times very soon. I miss you, I hope we havnt fallen out. Ive been out of touch and its probably my fault. Im sorry. Mick

Vics said...

Nay bovver m'laddio - are you sure you have the right person though? I only know of 2 micks - one is a fellow blogger and the other was once living with my aunt..

Mind you - the way my memory is these days I could have that totally arseuppards *grin* but thankee for the message, you've actually taken my comment cherry on this blog