Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blessings in disguise

Many times I've had the thought that things happen for a reason - you know what I mean the whole 'have to have the bad in order to fully appreciate the good' malarky.

If I'd not come down with CFS I would probably have carried on working all hours and filling my non-working hours with clubbing and parties, i was a wreck, my priorities were completely skewed.. I had no life really.
Now I've got a fabulous man (who I'd never have met without the time I've had through this illness) I've started learning some new skills, I'm getting back into my music (slowly) I've discoverd more new things since meeting Stef than I'd known in the whole 10 years I was in manchester 'living the life'..
I've discovered who my true friends are, divested myself of all the 'deadwood' and generally wander around 'smelling the roses' as they say.
CFS has been good to me, I'm lucky.

Now the thing that prompted these musings today, was the lovely walk I had to the clinic for my daily dressing change.
I've been complaining for ages about my sleep patterns, I say I'll go to bed early.. But after a few days it slips and I'm back to slinking off at around 2am again, I say I'll get up early - doesn't happen, i'll lounge about and then go online, nothing gets done.. I just procrastinate because there is nothing to really structure my day around.
Not so since I had this lil bit of nastiness infect my behind *grin* talk about a 'kick' *chuckle*
I've had to be up early every day in order to shower and clean the wound before walking down to the clinic. This means I'm also getting my daily 30min walk in - all good eh?!

The thing is, once I've been up and out of the house, I feel more mentally awake. Even if I've not left the house because the nurse is coming to me, once I'm showered and waiting around for her - I see things that need doing.
I've created 4 necklaces this weekend, the washing has become less a killimanjaro and more of a molehill, the kitchen is clean, the living room is clean, I changed the bedding and even did some baking - all done over long stretches of time with plenty of rest breaks thrown in for good measure.
So I'm getting to bed earlier, getting up much earlier.. If only I could get some decent sleep life would be bloody fantastic!

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