Thursday, July 20, 2006


I was supposed to be accompanying the blokey down south to a family party this weekend, Italian relatives, good food.. Would have been great.
Sadly I have an appointment to see Dr. Heaney on friday and an appointment about my bum on the monday - means there's no hope of me heading down and eating myself into a coma *sniff* it's not fair.

On the plus side, the abscess is healing nicely, I can walk, sit and I'm off the painkillers (thankfully, bad enough being knocked out because of the heat without being drugged as well) the nurse who packed the wound today thinks I may not need it doing by weekend, this is a good thing - the dressing is a little uncomfortable to sit on, to say the least!

I'm still back to feeling fatigued again - whether it's the heat, the surgery or a tiny relapse I'm not sure, I'm hoping it's just the heat.. I'm always crappy when it's hot so it would mean I'm still building up my stamina if that's all it is - if it isn't, somehow I've started doing too much again.
*sigh* this pacing malarky is hard enough without all the external variables you need to consider!

On the plus side, the aches are not as bad as they usually are in the heat (though this could be down to the ultra strength painkillers I've been mainlining all week because of my backside) Still, even if I'm missing out on a party, I don't need to miss out on good company.
I plan on heading into town on saturday to catch some of the jazz festival - various members of the bury/ bolton me support group are coming down so it'll be a good chance to meet some of 'em.
That and I love me some music.. I just hope it's not raining - or too hot!

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