Monday, July 24, 2006

nursing - the best career choice for sadists

Seriously, I've decided that the nurses at hope hospital just delight in pain - other peoples of course.

Went in for my outpatient appointment today (at the end of which I was told to make another for 3 weeks time *sigh*) The nurse glanced at the dressings I'd brought in and declared she wouldn't use the aquacel as she doesn't like using it because it can cause a wound to 'over granulate' (?) then she swabbed my wound with silver nitrate, put another dry dressing over the top and sent me off with tears in my eyes - it was burning like a fecker for the best part of 2 hours after she did that, it's only just calmed down again
"This might sting a bit" she said.. HA! try burns like a live coal has been shoved into my backside.


Still, it's not in need of packing anymore so all is good there.
Despite only getting about 2-3 hours sleep last night I'm feeling pretty good today, doing a clean of the house (and I'm pacing it, getting told off by Dr. Heaney is not a pleasent experience - especially when it's for something I already know!) I figured washing up, sweeping and mopping takes the place of my 30min daily walk so it's not like i'll be overdoing anything, a good 30 min rest between jobs should do nicely *grin* I'm just so glad it's cooled down, it's lovely out!

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