Friday, October 13, 2006

cancelled talks and oh.. it's been a while.

I went to a talk today at stockport, as I wrote here on my main blog, it made little sense to me, but still remained interesting.

I've reached a plateau, or glass ceiling - whichever term fits.
I can get up and bimble about all day doing not very much of anything, but I still get tired. I can talk fairly rationally to people, i'm accustomed to struggling for words now so I can gloss over those moments almost unoticably and still get my point across. Yet i'm still not at a level acceptable for employment.

It's frustrating. Yes, I guess I have quite a good life all told, I get up when I want (though I do try to keep a schedule, with no incentive to get up it does slip) I do practicaly anything I want - as long as it's cheap (or better yet, free) but the things I REALLY want to do (buy a house, start a family) I can't do because unless I can get back to work it will never be financially possible.

Sure I could have a child now, but it would not be practical, I'd be too tired to deal with a baby, especially when stressed, which living here I would be - a one bedroom flat is no place for a family to live! Swinton itself has become a source of distaste for me, I just cannot wait to move to somewhere I don't have to constantly hear police sirens and abusive language, nor feel the need to use that language myself in order to be understood!
A place where I can go for a walk and not be confronted by gangs of kids, a place where we have space to breathe - and space to live.
I want a garden so we can grow our own herbs and vegetables - most importantly, I just don't want to be here.

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