Sunday, October 01, 2006

sniffles and feeding

I've been fighting off a cold lately, explains my lack of energy.
Since discovering watermelon I've turned into an addict, not only does it quench my seemingly never ending thirst (for about 15 minutes) but when I eat as much of it as I have been doing, it helps stem the mucal tide, must be all that vitamin C it contains..

I've also been suffering with a dull ache and intermittent pain flare ups in my lower back fillings, my HC1 certificate ran out though and I forgot to chase it up when the guy neglected to send me my application form to renew it *sigh* my own fault.
I need to get that sorted before I can get treatment though, I have no money for anything over my current expenses, christmas is going to be fun - as daddy dearest said just this morning:
"It's only 10 weeks away"

Isn't he lovely? *kill*

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