Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dream a little dream of ME

I I had a strange dream last night, I've not been sleeping very well again because of my dreams - they're always quite realistic, more like memories than dreams which can make things a tad confusing on occasion..

Basically I dreamt I'd been blogging about CFS and through the blog had been offered a research opportunity, to have a thorough going over by a nutritionist and three different doctors (can't remember the specialties but they overlapped in some way) after establishing that i eat most of the right foods it turned out that drinking tap water was actually causing most of my problems - apparently certain bottled waters also contributed.
This then led to me going on a program researching the types of bottled water available and the actual mineral content of them - it was then narrowed down to 2 that were acceptable to me personally and if I only drank those I was basically cured.

The last portion of the dream I remember was emailing the support group to explain that I didn't in fact have ME/CFS I had been misdiagnosed. Instead I had a chemical intolerance that had built itself so high even trace amounts affected me, chlorine and a couple of other things were the main culprits of the fatigue, brain fog and various aches, I just had to rely on supplements and avoid those 'contaminants' as much as possible..

If only that were true eh?!
I could live without tea and coffee (decaf of course) it would be a wrench at first, a nice hot drink does wonders on a cold day - but if it meant regaining my former cognitive capabilities and not suffering this awful tiredness all the time.. Meh - no contest!

I'd also have to ensure any boiled water was water boiled from the 2 bottled sources and not from the tap, this could prove expensive as far as cooking etc goes - but I'm sure that could be worked around.. Basically I awoke with the name of this condition in my head - it was three initials; CT or CN something but the name dissolved even as I was forming the intention of googling it out of idle curiosity.

Would've been freaky to find such a condition existed. The thing is, after doing all the research and finding out what it was called, I had to go to my doctor to be tested for it - she refused on the grounds that they couldn't be sure that's what I had, I remember the agument and the disbelief that this was the way the NHS was going, her hands were tied though, it seems in my dreamworld that people were only sent for tests to confirm a known condition, because I already had a diagnosis of CFS/ME this dream doctor wouldl not send me for tests to confirm the illness I actually had - which meant I couldn't get financial help towards the plumbing changes it necessitated in my home..

Like I said, very realistic dream, quite disturbing. I guess it shows i'm still hoping after nearly 4 years to be told there's been a mistake *sigh* you'd think I'd know better by now.

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